Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A couple of tracks to listen to

so i've not been to proactive about this blog.
i'll try to get better at it.
i thought i should post a couple of things i've done recently. one is a cover for a blog, the other a remix for a band called papercuts, who just signed to our uk label, memphis industries.

here they are!

Arm Around You (Arthur Russell Cover)

Papercuts - Future Primitive (Ruby Suns Remix)


jaz.mim_tu... aqui. said...

somewhere out of space last night @ sal√£o brazil, coimbra, portugal.

thank you, We hope see you soon!

have a nice tour,



Jessica said...

I love, I love so much.

Todd said...

The sun is out twice in Portland upon finding these tracks this morning. Thank you!

A common music junkie said...

Wow this hasn't been updated for ages...

Great concert in Salamanca, I'm glad to have discovered such great music in a live concert.

Thank you.

Hear you soon.

Brandon said...

Links don't seem to be working. Can you put them up again for those of us who missed them?