Friday, August 15, 2008

the endless plod

I'm writing this from inside our rented motorhome at a KOA in Sandusky, Ohio. It's right near cedar point, an "amusement park" but we're not going to that. we're playing in detroit tonight with these seriously sweet dudes, tilly and the wall.
we played at a massive ampitheatre kind of thing outside of pittsburgh. i think the capacity was somewhere around 20k. needless to say, there weren't 20,000 people there. it WAS, however a very interesting experience. it was the biggest stage i think i've ever stood on. or at least close to it.
have you ever been to lake ontario? it's gross! so is the coast of connecticut. as the weather in the east of the US is super humid, much more so than in NZ, we've been desparately searching for water wherever we go. ithaca, ny is amazing! anyway, connecticut's coast is unfortunately blocked by long island from the rest of the atlantic so the crap from the shipping boats heading to ny/brooklyn just mucks up connecticut's waters. i guess lake ontario has too many boats and such for the amount of water mass. toronto is on lake ontario so one big city is all you need to yuck up a lake, even if it's huge....i guess. but perhaps we've caught these two spots on bad days.

so we're going back to europe in november. we're doing a run of shows on our own in ireland and the uk then heading across the ditch for some more with the dodos, some cool dudes from san francisco. then we're finally heading back to our little island home, where we've avoided this year's winter entirely. quite strategic really.

see you soon


Franklin for Short said...

you guys in vta for awhile?

the ruby suns said...

we're living in seattle now for a couple months!

John said...

Sounds like funs. Ruby funs, in fact.
I went back to NZ for 2 weeks a little while ago. Talk about a shock, froze my ass off and got my first cold in 2 years.

love to all,